The Haunted Collector’s Museum

What does a haunted collector actually collect?

He collects haunted objects, of course.

In this video, you’ll take a quick tour of John Zaffis’ Museum of the Paranormal, and listen to him talk about why objects become haunted.

Find out why you should never break, throw out, or burn a haunted object.

Hear how a Christmas present brought a curse to a woman’s home.

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My reaction?  I have no idea why John keeps this stuff.  I know it has to go somewhere (after all, there is no “away” when we “throw away” things), but I wouldn’t want it near me.

I certainly wouldn’t want a whole lot of these haunted and cursed objects in one location.  My first thought is: Don’t they interact, and maybe increase their powers, exponentially?

I also think, if one of these objects doesn’t resonate or otherwise connect with you, there’s a good chance that another one will.

This is fascinating to see on the computer monitor or TV screen.  In person?  No, thanks.  I’ve always told people, “Never take anything out of a haunted location.”

John Zaffis not only takes things home, he builds displays and a museum around them.. and then starred in a TV show about them, Syfy’s Haunted Collector.

For many years, John Zaffis has been a professional in a very dark and challenging field.  I’m trusting (hoping?) that he knows what he’s doing.  He’s seen the negative effects of these demonic dolls and creepy clowns.

However, there are days when I wonder if all this weird stuff has gotten to John.  Maybe it isn’t very smart to keep so many haunted objects, display them so they’ll get lots of attention, and swap energy particles with each other and the people who pass by them.

I hope I’m wrong about that.

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