Haunted Objects – Residual Energy Imprints

Residual energy imprintResidual energy and residual energy hauntings are very common.

Have you ever walked into a room right after an argument?  Often, the room practically crackles with energy.

Have you ever shopped at a thrift store and backed away from something? Did it just bother you, and you didn’t know why?

It could be imprinted with residual energy. It might not be haunted or cursed, but it’s something you sense anyway.

Energy can be stored in objects.  Sometimes, like heat from a stove top, the energy is gone in minutes.

In other cases, it lingers.  That’s especially true when the drama is reinforced.  Battle re-enactments are a good example.  They renew the dramatic tension at the site.  At many re-enactments, people report seeing ghosts.

Sometimes a room or building retains energy.  Sometimes a few objects do.  Often, those objects turn up at eBay and rummage sales.  They seem too good to throw out.

Then, someone else takes the object home.  Maybe the price is too good to resist.  You figure you’ll find a good home for it, later.  At home, people respond to it in interesting ways.

Some hate it on sight. They demand, “Why’d you bring that home?”

Others feel uncomfortable around the object, but don’t say anything.  Now and then, someone actually likes it.

When you sense energy from an object, and it bothers you… that’s the kind of object featured on the TV series, The Haunted Collector.

haunted objects make some people nervousThat object holds residual energy.  Many people call this a residual energy imprint. It was around intense energy, like a power struggle or tragedy.  Some of that energy remained in the object.  It may be the result of particle exchange, part of normal physics.

If you feel ambivalent about an object in your home — especially it was purchased secondhand — you may have a haunted object.

The longer it’s in your home, the more you connect with it.  Worse, it influences everyone around it.  Get it out of your house.

Some people attempt to cleanse haunted objects.  If it holds just a little residual energy, that might work.  The process is called space clearing.

  • One technique involves using a sage smudge.
  • A “singing bowl” can be used for space clearing one object or an entire room.
  • If the item small enough to bury in sea salt for a few days, that can help.
  • You could have a priest or minister bless the object.

However, if the object is really creepy, cleansing it may not work.  The residual energy imprint may be too deep.  It’s like a stain from a permanent marker; you can’t remove all of it.

You may need help.  Ask someone who specialized in haunted and cursed objects.

It’s important to find someone who deals with dark energy.  Also, they need to have years of experience.  If their training involved watching every episode of “Ghost Hunters” and “Haunted Collector” and “Extreme Paranormal,” that’s not enough.

Above all, don’t burn the object.  Don’t try to destroy it.

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