A Haunting – The Possessed

John Zaffis is featured in this true story about a possession, re-enacted for the TV series, A Haunting.

The story is chilling.  I’d be far more comfortable with it, if it were fiction.

An experienced spiritual counselor, called in to investigate a barn, encounters something strange at the site.

Later, when she listens to the audio recording of what took place, a clear and menacing voice says something that rattles her to her soul.

After that, the situation turns extreme and terrifying for her and everyone close to her.

Nov 2011 update: The video link in our original article (below) was removed from YouTube. As usual, it was a copyright problem.

As of this update, you can see the full show at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6q7bpHwSpA  If it’s not there, search YouTube for “a haunting” and “john zaffis” and you may find another (temporary?) copy.

Part one:


[See this and the other videos in this series at

From the description at YouTube:

When innocent people are attacked by entities from the supernatural realm, they rely on paranormal investigators to protect them from the unknown. These investigators rely on their studies, their personal experiences and, in many cases, their piety, as they assume the risk of becoming haunted themselves.

Mary Vogel has been a spiritual counselor for ten years, but a recent encounter with the demonic forces her to question everything she knows and trusts. Violent nightmares invade her mind by day and unseen entities attack her body by night.

In the church, which was once a place of peace and comfort, feelings of revulsion overwhelm her. Deep in her own mind, a diabolical voice taunts her: “Your God can’t help you now”

John Zaffis, one of the world’s leading paranormal experts and Mary’s mentor, quickly realizes what is happening to her. The protector has become the possessed, and only an exorcism can save her soul.

(John Zaffis has been the star of the Syfy TV series, Haunted Collector.)

Webmaster’s note:

We had an unusual amount of trouble posting this video at The Haunted Collector. The code copied incorrectly, even as a cut-and-paste.  Even viewing this first segment of the show, our Flash player crashed, twice.

Keep that in mind if you find yourself in a situation where demonic activity is possible.  Even the slightest brush with this kind of entity can put you at risk, particularly if you’re vulnerable as Mary Vogel was, though she’s a seasoned professional.

Never treat this subject lightly.